Physics Alternative/Gravitation

  • Abolish a Force - Describes qualitatively how gravity can be accounted for by nuclear forces.
  • An alternative theory of gravity - There is no 'gravitational force'. The universe is expanding, and 'gravity' is one of the results.
  • American Antigravity - Commercial Antigravity research and products. Site contains videos, graphics, plans, schematics, and more
  • Antigravitation Engine Site - This site introduces the theory, experiment and data analyses of the engine of the man-made flying saucer.
  • AntiGravity Engines - Information about an electrostatic lifting device, and construction plans.
  • - Sergey Ivanenko explains gravity as an inertial phenomenon caused by movement of the universe with respect to higher dimensions.
  • Dipole AntiGravity - Introduction of a new physical theory of anti-gravity.
  • Dr Vels Science - Thoughts on gravity and space, as well as creation in general.
  • Expansion = Gravitation - Every mass expands exponentially, according to its density, including the entire universe, Solar system, the Earth and us.
  • Force of Gravity? There Is No Such Thing! - Using animated diagrams, this VB program argues that other forces in the universe make the concept of a force of gravity superfluous.
  • Gravitational Force Vectoring - A site describing how gravity can be created in the context of the conservation of energy and quantum mechanics, with information on related events.
  • Gravitational Waves Sensor - Data from sensor which is claimed to observe gravitational waves.
  • Gravity - the Process of Acceleration - A paper on Dr. Samuel V. Miensinompe's theory of relative time-space.
  • Gravity and Inertia Redefined - An alternate theory of gravity and inertia suggested by the implied consequences of a Higgs energy field.
  • Gravity Due To Space Flow - Part two of a paper explaining how gravity is explained by means of the spacetime structure falling into a mass.
  • Gravity Explained - An attempt to describe gravity as a force.
  • Gravity Made Simple - An unusual description of how gravity may work based on time and motion and the superstring theory where all things are vibrations.
  • Gravity Polarization Theory - A description of the theory and tests using the rings of saturn by Phil Russell.
  • Gravity Research by Morton F. Spears - Provides downloadable reports on a new approach to understanding gravity based on electrostatic relationships and the permittivity of open space.
  • The Gravnetic Field - The existence of a vector field is shown, originated by all moving masses which exerts a force on all other nearby moving masses.
  • Is Gravity Caused by Tension in the Fabric of Space-Time - A brief article by Robert J. Lee arguing this theory.
  • Lorentz-Poincare relativity and a scalar theory of gravitation - Special relativity may be derived from Lorentz contraction. It follows that the relativity principle could be broken in the presence of gravitation. This seems to work.
  • Process and Installation for Generating a Gravitational Field - Includes a patent application for such a device, with diagrams.
  • A Shifting Theory Of Gravity - This theory proposes a physical mechanism for gravity - free gravitons randomly strike and are absorbed into a particle, which then expels other gravitons. Includes a paper describing the theory and a simulation program for download.
  • Spin-Orbit Duality, Astrodynamics and Anti-Gravity - Seen from orbit, the earth rotates. Spin-orbit duality therefore allows antigravity to be mathematically specified. Equations and theories can be seen to emerge from the known.
  • When Gravity Fails - Article looking at Russian attempts to create an anti-gravity system. (September 2, 2002)

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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