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  • AINS - Toward a Unification of Relativity and Quantum Theory via Circularly Causal Modeling; an "aether" theory based on, and extending, the deBroglie-Bohm interpretation.
  • The Atom Universe Model - Describes the universe as embedded into a nine-dimensional cylinder of the proportions of an atom, with all matter rotating around the cylinder at the speed of light.
  • Basic Concept of Neorelativistic Mechanics - A "bridge" leading from deterministic neorelativistic mechanics into quantum mechanics by A.A. Derkachov.
  • Basic Structures of Matter - Unified theory based on alternative concept of the physical vacuum.
  • Discrete Donut Twisted Chain - Bottom-up logical development of true physical structure of space and matter by Richard L. Marker. Details fundamental cause of gravity and electromagnetism.
  • Electrogravitation As A Unified Field Theory - Source for free ebook by Jerry E. Bayles. Also related links and free graphics programs.
  • Electrogravitational Mechanics - Source for free e-book, Electrogravitation As A Unified Field Theory, by Jerry E. Bayles.
  • Flux Theory - A new theory of everything by James Clifford Cranwell.
  • Grand Unification Hypothesis - Standard Model II (Field Theory) A field principally consisting of surfaces, as forms, imbedded in three-dimensional space, can explain all known forces associated with mass and charge. Practical extensions of this study could yield new technologies on levitation and motors which do not require fuel.
  • Grand Unified Theory - New revolutionary proposals for the structure of spacetime.
  • Grand Unified Theory: Wave Theory - Grand Unified Theory explains every principle process that occurs in nature by introducing energetic matter as the basic force matter that formed wave formations.
  • Gravity Theory -- A Brief Introduction - New gravity model by David W. Allan introduces an energy density component and diallel, gravitational-field lines as part of new Unified Field Theory.
  • Half-Multiplier Operator and the Unified Field Equation - A new Matrix Operator which generates and governs Nested Arrays. From basic equation (the Mother Equation) we can derive the Field Equations for Physics, Chemistry, Astro-Physics and Statistics and connect Statistics with them all.
  • The Ineffable Ten Dimensions - A mathematical model by Simon Yeger based on permutations and geometry that describes the Theory Of Everything. It describes 11 super gravity partners connecting 22 space coordinates which form 231 superstrings.
  • IToE - The Impressionist Theory of Everything - The Impressionist Theory of Everything explores the concept that paradox is a natural mechanism in the universe responsible for a cycle that is not resolvable.
  • Journal of Space Mixing - Free online physics journal about space mixing theory and developing a unified theory of everything.
  • A mechanistic model of our universe - Mechanism of gravity, inertia, and electro-magnetic forces and structure of atoms.
  • Nature's Quantum Theory of Relativity - Unified - "Theory of Everything", includes: Light, Gravity, Time, and Relativity.
  • New Theoretical Physics by James A. Putnam - This new physics theory achieves unity beginning at the fundamental level. Essays on physics, life and intelligence are included.
  • Osborne Reynolds' Aether: An Inversion of Ideas as to the Structure of the Universe - Reynolds' theory of a structured, dilatant medium can explain gravity, time expansion and length contraction as v approaches C, and energy/particle-pair interconversion. Bruce Rosenberg's site features photographs, links, articles, patents and other resources.
  • The oulines of a Theory of everything with cosmological and Philosophical implications - A search for "new physics" leads to a TOE.
  • Over Unity Quantum Engines - Quantum power devices which yield a unified theory and a darwinian selection mechanism.
  • Polarizable vacuum zero-point energy model of the universe - Introduction to a vacuum fluctuation induced and mediated universe model of all known forces with a text for the layman available for download.
  • Quest for a Theory of Everything - ToeQuest is a community of researchers dedicated in their quest for a Theory of Everything (TOE). See the latest research in physics, quantum theory, reality, mind and consciousness.
  • QUFD: Einstein's Legacy! - Einstein DID find the Unified Field Theory he was seeking but he didn't know it. QUFD is the result.
  • The Search for Undiscovered Force Fields - Paper describes rationale for existence of undiscovered force fields.
  • Shadows - Geometrically defines the physical laws and forces of nature in terms of a common mechanism with respect to four spatial dimensions.
  • A Simple Model of Waveform Particles - Piers J Newberry. An outline of the theory of everything is here based on dense space which is readily derivable from relativity.
  • Simple Unified Field Theory - based on aether flow concept.
  • Simple Unified Theory - Finally qualitative unification of forces.The bottom line is "A force is force no matter its subtype".
  • Super Particle Vacuum -- Free Space Quantum Vacuum - The super-particle vacuum is a recently discovered theoretical model for the free-space quantum vacuum.
  • Supergravity A Supersymmetry - An attempt of a Unified Field Theory using acceleration in place of gravity. After all mass reacts to acceleration the same way it does with gravity.
  • Theory of Analytical Space-Time - A unified theory of quantum mechanics and relativity. Includes a derivation and article of the theory.
  • The Theory of Everything - A common sense explanation of the nature of the Universe.
  • Theory of Everything - Information about Christopher Langan's cognitive-theoretic model of the Universe.
  • Theory of Everything Publications - An attempt to unify gravity, strong and electroweak interactions.
  • The Theory of Positivist Mechanics - This theory proposed a framework by which the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics may be derived from classical (general relativistic) principles, thus providing a unification of GR and QM.
  • TimeSpace - How the universe is made - unifying field theory; alternative quanta; Why 'free' energy devices work; gravity modulation; resonance; enlightenment; holographic particles in vortexial form resonating in a multiversal matrix. Missing particles.
  • Tour the Force - A path to qualitative understanding of physical phenomena through a deductive method.
  • Unified Field Theory - A new attempt to establish a unified theory of the classical fields of gravitation and electromagnetism which complies with the geometric paradigm of the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein.
  • Unified Theory - A place where people can express new ideas pertaining to science.
  • Universal Energy - Conludes that in the universe there is only a single source of all forms of energy and mass.
  • Wisp Unification Theory - New scientific theory (download for free) that proves Newton's space and time is correct and Einstein is wrong.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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