Physics Classical_Mechanics/Harmonic_Motion

  • Coupled Oscillations - This applet illustrates coupled oscillations of a linear chain of identical noninteracting bodies connected to each other and to fixed endpoints by identical ideal springs. All bodies start from rest, and their initial positions can be set either by sliding them along the track
  • Damped Harmonic Motion - Mathematical Equations of Damped Harmonic Motion.
  • Simple Harmonic Motion - A series of graphical animations illustrating the features of this phenomenon, with online consolidation exercises.
  • Simple Harmonic Motion - An introduction to this phenomenon with a derivation of the use of this technique in simple pendulums.
  • The Simple Plane Pendulum - This applet illustrates the simple plane pendulum, with or without damping. The user enters the damping coefficient and initial conditions, and the applet animates the pendulum's motion and plots the angular velocity versus the angle. Such a plot is called a phase portrait.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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