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  • Alessandro Carlin - University of Padova. Research topic: Wetting on geometrically wedged substrates and nanofriction. Publications in the fields of nanofriction (QCM technique) and wetting on structured substrates (torsional oscillator method).
  • Andre G. Moreira - Postdoc at the Materials Research Laboratory of the University of California at Santa Barbara. The site contains pre-prints, his curriculum and a summary of previous work (colloids and polymers).
  • Andrey A. Katanin - Application of modern mathematical methods (continual integration, renormalization group, bosonization, group theory, methods of topology) to actual problems of physics of strongly-correlated electron systems. Investigations of magnetism of strongly-correlated electron systems.
  • Arkadiusz Mandowski - Institute of Physics of the Pedagogical University of Czestochowa, Poland. Interests: luminescence, thermoluminescence, optically stimulated luminescence, Monte Carlo methods, trapping, recombination, traps, spatially correlated systems.
  • Benjamin Canals - Researcher in the Louis Néel Laboratory, belonging to the CNRS site of Grenoble, France. Research interests: Kondo lattice systems; High dimensionnal spin liquid; Mesoscopic systems; Small magnetic systems; Self Organized critical systems; Magnetism in quasi-crystals; Molecular magnetism.
  • Carlos Marques - Teaching and research in Soft Condensed Matterat LDFC-CNRS: physics of polymers, surfactants, colloids and other complex fluids.
  • Charles Thiel - Resources, documents, and links related to research at Montana State University on the broad electronic structure and optical properties of rare earth activated luminescent materials for technological applications such as lasers, phosphors, and optical computing.
  • David Drabold - Simulation of glasses and amorphous materials with links to current research on amorphous materials and electronic structure calculations.
  • David Sanchez - University of Geneva. Research interests: Semiconductor Superlattices; Quantum Dots; Spintronics; Many-body Theory. Publication downloads.
  • Emil Prodan - Postdoctoral researcher at UCSB working with Prof. Walter Kohn. Main research interests include mathematical physics, computational physics and nanoscale physics.
  • Gagik Shmavonyan - Physics and technology of semiconductor materials, surfaces, interfaces, structures and their role in semiconductor devices.
  • Ivan Sergienko - Research interests include multiple phase transitions in piezoelectrics and superconductors.
  • Jiajun Chen - University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. Works on synthesization of oxide thin films and nanostructure devices.
  • Joerg Heber - Lecturer at the Physics department of the University of Marburg, Germany. Experimental research in ultrafast spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum structures.
  • Joseph H. Thywissen - Home page at the physics department of the university of Toronto, including research descriptions, CV, informative links, and positions available.
  • Juan MR Parrondo - Physicist at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  • Jurg Schefer - Condensed matter research on optical data storage materials and basic research on magnetic properties at the Laboratory for Neutron Scattering at ETHZ&PSI, Switzerland. Single crystal neutron diffraction at PSI.
  • Norbert Koch - Research on Conjugated Organic Materials for novel opto-electronic devices.
  • Patrice Paricaud - Reasearch assistant at Vanderbilt University, working on thermodynamics of polymer systems and molecular simulation of electrolyte solutions.
  • Radoslav Bogoslovov - Polymer electrolyte research on PEO-lithium salt for use as rechargeable batteries.
  • Rosa Lopez - Postdoc in Geneva in condensed matter theory.
  • Sankara N Potty - Research interests and results in the fields of nanomaterials and nanoparticles.
  • Sonal Brown - Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. Investigation of colossal magnetoresistance in pyrochlore rare earth compounds; Synthesis, characterization and investigation of optical properties.
  • Subir Sachdev - Theoretical research on quantum phase transitions and their application to correlated electron materials like the high temperature superconductors and other complex oxides.
  • Thomas Gerrits - A brief description of Thomas Gerrits' research on magnetization dynamics and other personal interests.
  • Thomas Lee Elifritz - Director of Research, Formation Inc. Scientific Research and Development. Interests include High Temperature Superconductivity and Energy Conversion Technology.
  • Vladimir Baulin - Postdoc at CNES - LDFC - CNRS, Strasbourg, France. Research in soft matter physics, polymers and liquid crystals, aerospace and microgravity research.
  • Yuriy V. Pershin - Postdoc at the NSF Center for Quantum Device Technology, Clarkson University, working in the field of spintronics and condensed matter physics.
  • Zbigniew Postawa - Interactions of low-energy particles with thin organic layers.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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