Physics Education/Demonstrations

  • 1999 AAPT Apparatus Competition Entries and Winners - See who entered what and who won in the annual contest.
  • Amy Gauger's 1st Quarter Physics Project - Presentation of a 1st Quarter physics project: "Finding the Optimal number of Helium Balloons for a Falling Vehicle"
  • Demonstrations of Various Physical Principles - Video clips demonstrating various principles of dynamics, mechanisms, vibration and sound, mechatronics and measurement systems, pool and billiards, solid mechanics, and other fields of physics and engineering.
  • Electrostatic Machines - Construction details and history of the classic electrostatic generators. Very detailed and descriptive site, with pictures and directions for a wide variety of generators.
  • Henry Greenside's Duke Physics Challenges - Physics-related word-problem puzzles.
  • HowStuffWorks: How Hydraulic Cranes Work - Animations and photos show how these cranes are able to lift thousands of pounds using hydraulics, and how these machines are operated.
  • Industrial Electrostatics Demonstrations - The project described at this web page was undertaken to develop a set of demonstrations having clear relevance to manufacturing and commercial operations. Some of these demonstrations should also serve to augment the science teacher's or hobbyist's bag of tricks by making it easier to reinforce the relationship between basic principles and practical situations.
  • Jearl Walker Discusses the Flying Circus - Reflects on successes and failures doing the 'bed of nails' trick, and tells how to get videotapes of some of his shows.
  • Physical Science Demonstrations - For use by qualified science educators only. Some have inherent safety problems that must be provided for.
  • Physics Animations - Animated experiments and visualizations on physics with theoretical explanations. There is also a physics forum, free samples and educational programs for download.
  • Physics Demonstration Lab - School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel aviv University. Demonstrations available at the school, and related links.
  • Physics Demonstration Resources On-Line for Science Educators - For physics educators interested in developing demonstrations. Provides links to many colleges' demo resources.
  • Physics Demonstration Videos and Computer Simulation Sites - Provides short video clips of physics experiments and gives links to web sites containing computer simulations that mirror the movies. Also includes references to other simulation sites.
  • Physics Demonstrations - Introduction - Physics demonstrations, descriptions, discussions of the physics, and hazards to avoid. Groupings are light, magnetism, electricity, sound, heat, and motion.
  • Physics Demonstrations and Science Exhibits - Part of Bill Beaty's amateur scientist pages. Includes many links to his and other demonstration sources.
  • Physics Demos and Science Exhibit Designs - Links to useful demo sites, descriptions of dangerous and not-so-dangerous electrical demonstrations, and some unusual scientific projects.
  • Physics Lecture Demonstrations, a Compilation - Lecture demonstrations for physics courses, compiled and annotated by Dr. Donald Simanek. Reads like a storybook.
  • Physics of Everyday Life Demonstrations and Activities - Product of a workshop which focused on five key physical concepts: Newton's laws of motion, Bernoulli's equation, the 1st law of thermodynamics, Ohm's law, and Faraday's induction law. Through a demonstration and discussion format, the participants found ways to introduce and develop these topics.
  • The Physics Question of the Week - From the University of Maryland Department of Physics. Each week a new question will be posted and the answer for the previous Question of the Week will be shown. The questions involve real experimental physics, so part of the answers will be photographs and short videos of the experiments carried out in determining the results.
  • PIRA 200, the Top 200 Most Popular Physics Demonstrations - Contains a descriptive list of the 200 most common and most used physics demonstrations, as determined by a large committee of physics instructors and lab managers.
  • PIRA Physics Demonstration Bibliography - This demonstration bibliography contains about 7500 entries including all of Sutton, Freier & Anderson, Meiners, Hilton, AJP, The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations, the Minnesota Demonstration Handbook, a few articles from the Physics Teacher, and listings of the PIRA 200, PIRA 500, and PIRA 1000 demonstrations.
  • PIRT - Arizona State University physics and astronomy demonstrations.
  • Pre-College Demonstration Book List - Annotated list of books for physics and physical science demonstrations as well as science fair projects.
  • Static Generator, Electrical Demonstration - How to make and use a frictional static electricity generator which makes HUGE sparks. Also, links to other electricity demos on the internet.
  • Tarzan Swing - Tarzan (a water balloon) is swinging on a thread which is cut by a hot wire mid-flight; students must project Tarzan safely through a hole surrounded by pins.
  • TOPS Science - TOPS Learning Systems, a nonprofit educational publisher, dedicated to making inexpensive, creative, hands-on science and math available everywhere.
  • U.C. Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations - Grouped by physics topic. Images and movies are available in some cases.
  • University of Oregon Physics Demonstration Catalog - A large collection of online demonstrations that illustrate a variety of physical concepts.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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