Physics Education/Java_Applets

  • BlackBody Spectrum Applet - Shows the relation between wavelength, emitted power, and peak wavelength for a blackbody (Planck's function).
  • Boat and River - Vector addition simulation.
  • Build a Solar System - A table to help build or draw a scale model of the solar system. Specify the size of the sun and the sizes of and distances between various objects are calculated.
  • Contemporary College Physics Simulation Library - A large collection of java applets demonstrating basic to modern physics topics.
  • Fowler's Physics Applets - These supplement physics courses taught by Michael Fowler at U of Virginia. They include Newton's cannon, Brownian motion, Rutherford scattering, and collisions in two dimensions.
  • General Physics Java Applets - Collection is diverse, but mechanics is dealt with more extensively than other topics.
  • How To Teach Statistical Thermal Physics In An Introductory Physics Course - Several simulation applets which can be used to teach the statistical foundations of thermal physics in introductory college physics courses. Download applets for free.
  • Interactive Color Wheel - The SIH Wheel is a Java applet that allows a person to view relationships between color (Saturation, Intensity, and Hue) and luma.
  • Interactive Physics - A website that teaches physics through interactive applets.
  • Interactive Physics and Math with Java - A set of more than 20 scientifically accurate educational applets which mostly cover the course of Introductory Physics or material close to it. This site is mirrored a number of places on the net.
  • Java Applet Collection for Learning Physics - Applets for learning university level physics. Also includes link to older DOS software (momentum space visualization).
  • Java Applets for Engineering Education - Statics, dynamics and fluid dynamics.
  • Java Applets on Physics (Java 1.0) - Covers many introductory and intermediate-level topics. Java 1.1 versions available as well.
  • 150 Java Applets Related to Physics Education - A directory of interactive physics applets for educators and students dealing with many subjects.
  • JOrrery - Simulates the motion of planets moving under gravity. It comes with a number of initial "scenarios." Can also add more planets during a simulation.
  • Longitudinal Waves - Allows the user to control the amplitude and frequency.
  • Mark's Quantum Mechanics Applets - A collection of sample Java applets which demonstrate various aspects of quantum mechanics, including the Hydrogen atom and Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.
  • Moving Point Source Doppler Effect - Wave speed, wave length and the speed of the point source can be adjusted.
  • Non-Destructive Testing - Introduces four dynamics principles that can be applied to non-destructive testing: Snellís law, wave reflection, ultrasonic detection probe and radiography. Uses Java applets.
  • Nori's Physics Page - Java applets and Quicktime movies of physics simulations such as solar system, ideal gas, wave interference, and the Doppler effect.
  • NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory - More than 50 physics related java applets developed at NTNU
  • Nuclides 2000: The Radionuclide Portal - Allows the simulation of the radioactive decay of over 2000 radionuclides using standard colour schemes (Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, General Electric). Basic decay data can be viewed by holding the mouse over a nuclide and consists of half-lives, modes of decay, and branching ratios. "Blinking" nuclides indicate strong gamma emitters with energies above a user-definable threshold value.
  • - Transistorized! Web Site Interactives - Features two interactive games related to the development of transitors. The object of the Periodic Puzzle is to line up tiles to match a section of the periodic table of the elements. The Wafer Maker is a fast-paced game where the user grows silicon crystals to make transistors.
  • The Pendulum Lab - Examine the dynamics of rigid pendula. Includes explanatory text.
  • Physics 2000 - An interactive journey through modern physics. Have fun learning visually and conceptually about 20th century science and high-tech devices. Uses java applets.
  • Physics at Appleby College - A comprehensive collection of Java Applets on waves, sound, light and optics. Suitable for high school physics students.
  • Physics Illuminations - A collection of Java applets packaged with explanatory text for use as conceptual homework or student self-study in introductory physics.
  • Physics Java Applets - 25 fundamental physics concepts.
  • Physics Java Applets by C. K. Ng - Applets on general physics.
  • The Physics of Pole Vaulting - Using very simple physics principles, this program estimates how high you could theoretically vault based on how tall you are and how fast you can run, assuming you had the proper training and optimal efficiency.
  • Physlet Problems - Physics applets plus the source code. Links to other applet sites and authors are here as well.
  • Reaction Time Measurements - Measure the time between viewing a red light and reacting to that light. Calculates distance traveled in that time.
  • Real Time 3D Physics Simulator Applet - Demonstrates many aspects of Newtonian physics.
  • Ripple Tank Applet - Two wave sources in a ripple tank. You set the variables and watch it run.
  • SchrodingerSolver - Solves the one dimensional Schrodinger equation in different potentials.
  • Smart Pendulum - Java applet explores a pendulum with rope of variable length. The solution implements 4-th order Runge-Kutta method for differential equations.
  • SpectrumTuner - Allows the user to study the electromagnetic spectrum, converting between units of wavelength, frequency and energy.
  • Supersonic Wing Simulator - Explores quasi-two-dimensional calculation of the supersonic flow over a wedge-shaped infinity-span wing.
  • Syracuse Physics Educational Modules and Simulations - A good sampling of ways that science and computing are becoming interactive.
  • Thin Lens (Converging/Diverging Lens/Mirrors) - Set the size and distance of an object from a thin lens or curved mirror, and ray tracing will reveal the size and distance of the image from the same lens or mirror.
  • Three-Degree-of-Freedom Pendulum - Java simulation.
  • Vector Calculator - Intended to give students a "feel" for vectors in two dimensions. Specifically, it covers components, magnitude and direction, and vector addition.
  • Virtual Labs and Simulations - A collection of links to sites on the web that have computerized simulations of physics principles. Some are Java applets while others require the Flash plugin.
  • Visual Aided Physics - An ongoing project at Universiti Putra Malaysia by Renganathan Palanisamy.
  • Young's Double Slit Interference - Interference applet. This Java applet demonstrates the Double Slit Experiment.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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