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  • Andrija Radovic Physics Pages - The site is written in the style of a good text book, presenting every step and allowing a student to follow it through, understand it and know if it is right or not. My theory says that the gravitational field has origin in annulations of the electromagnetic field, i.e. that electromagnetic fields transmute to gravitational one.
  • An Antisymmetric Metric - The Maxwell equations are derived from an antisymmetric space-time metric.
  • Binary Electrons - An essay which explores the possibility that the relationship between electricity, electromagnetic waves, magnetism and gravity can be explained by the behaviour of two particles.
  • BUYAMAG - The company advertises their Kirlian Camera for taking pictures of invisible radiating energy fields that surround all living things.
  • Charge, Attraction and Repulsion - Description of electric and magnetic charge in terms of UEF.
  • Critical Researches on General Electrodynamics - English translation of Walter Ritz's 1908 criticism of Maxwell-Lorentz electromagnetic theory.
  • The Electrical Vortex Non-Solenoidal Fields - A mistake is found in electrodynamics: under transverse motion of a magnet the vortex electric fields can be unclosed and the flow of induction through a closed surface can be nonzero.
  • Electrodynamic Explanation of Ball Lightning - Ball lightning is considered as self-closed alternating displacement current, which produces air luminescence (electroluminescence).
  • Elektromagnum - This site is devoted to speculative electromagnetics and especially to possible explanation of gravity/inertia by electromagnetics.
  • Free Energy Propulsion Magnetic System - A proposed theory on how to challenge Newton's Third law of motion and make a free energy propulsion system.
  • A Galilean Electromagnetic Synthesis - A Galilean invariant derivation of the electromagnetic equations, and the unification of E and B.
  • The Grand Unified Theory: Wave Theory - An attempt to explain every principle process that occurs in nature by introducing energetic matter as the basic element which builds wave formations.
  • New Electromagnetism and New Gravity - New Electromagnetism is an improved set of models describing electromagnetic interactions.
  • New Induction - The new model of electromagnetic induction is claimed as superior to Faraday's law in every respect. It predicts things that Faraday can not.
  • New Theory of Light and Photon Wave Model - Proposed is a new photon model (theory of light). The duality particle-wave is discussed and is backed up by theoretical and experimental investigations.
  • A new theory on the nature of light and an introduction to "aumic" waves - A new theopry on the nature of light which puts forward interesting explanations for the nature of light , electric and magnetic fields and the reason for the speed of light being constant
  • Novel Principles of Electro-Magnetic Phenomena - Advertisement and invitation to buy author's reprint on novel principles of electro-magnetic phenomena.
  • A Novel Theory of the Terrestrial Magnetic Field and its Anomalies - A new theory of the source of the Earth's magnetic tield which also provides an explanation of its variations in intensity and direction over planetary history.
  • Perpetuum Mobile via Permanent Magnet - Invention refers to an electromechanical system which transforms internal energy of a circular permanent magnet into mechanical work for an undefined period (perpetuum mobile).
  • Perseus Foundation article on Bearden and Hoagland - Notes on Alpha Foundation's Institute of Advanced Study and on getting electromagnetic energy from vacuum. The site of Arkadiusz Jadczyk.
  • The 6 1/2 Pillars of Wisdom - Mathematical derivation of the source-free static magnetic field structure from Maxwell's Equations, and suppression of this proposed discovery by the Theoretical Physics Establishment, are discussed.
  • Pulsed Plasma Electromagnetic Motor Generator - Presents new ideas on pulsed plasma drive electromagnetic motor generator as a future power source.
  • Read the Lips - An idea to track the movement of the lips for remote speech recognition.
  • The Relativity of Energy - The principle of the relativity of energy applied to unit systems, to electrostatics and magnetism, will give us a unified vision of the electromagnetic fields.
  • The Rotation of Magnetic Field - Describes how magnetic fields may not rotate with the source, with an illustrative experiment described.
  • The Theory of Light - Light transfers thermal information (energy) from the source, like sound or water. For propagation of motion, light needs a medium.
  • Trans-Light State - Theory, with suggested experiments, that our four-dimensional universe (3D space + time) is a "special case" of a five-dimensional reality called the trans-light state. This would be the state of existence which prevails once the light barrier has been broken.
  • Vasant Corporation - Proposes spin-wave technology for power generation, propulsion, signal processing and communications.
  • What You Can Do with Your Mind - Positive test at 2500 miles on Charles Collins' ability to affect the energy field of a leaf.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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