Physics Electromagnetism/Courses_and_Tutorials

  • AC Electromagnet - Educational page describing electromagnets, their construction and simple experiments.
  • ALVIM Ltd. - Physical demonstrations in mechanics, heat, electricity, magnetism and optics to make science lessons and lectures more fascinating and interesting.
  • Classical Fields - Online lecture notes in postscript format.
  • Electrodynamics - PS lecture notes from Cambridge. Topics include Maxwell's equations, electrostatics, relativity, relativistic electromagnetism, energy-momentum tensor, quamtum effects, and Born-Infeld theory.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum - Simple, concise tutorials on all parts of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.
  • Electromagnetism - An introductory (second year university) course on electromagnetism. All of the lecture notes are downloadable Mathematica notebook files.
  • Electromagnetism - General electromagnetic theory, including static field equations, the origins of inductance, and EMR.
  • Extended Maxwell's Equations - Maxwell's equations both in classic field theory as a subset of relativistic quantum electrodynamics and as a basis for unified field theory (compact overview). Based on a book "Electromagnetic transformation and sensors" by W.Cassing, W.Stanek et al.(in German).
  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Waves - Basics of electromagnetic waves and their main applications.
  • Introductory Electromagnetics - Dot and Cross Products, Line Integrals of Vector Fields, Gradient of a Scalar Field, Divergence and Curl, Working in different coordinate systems, Coulomb's Law, Gauss's Law, Electric potential, Capacitance, Boundary Conditions, Stored Energy and Forces, Laplace's and Poisson's Equations, Method of Images.
  • JAVA Tutorial: Crookes Tube - An applet demonstrating the experiment of Crookes to show electrons travel in straight paths.
  • JAVA Tutorials: Capacitance - An applet which allows the user to adjust the properties of a capacitor and observe the change in capacitance.
  • Lessons in Electric Circuits - Online book by Tony R. Kuphaldt on dc and ac electric circuits, semiconductor devices, analog and digital circuits.
  • Magnet Formulas - A small web site devoted to the vanishing art of practical magnet design without FEA (Finite Element Analysis).
  • The MIT Course in Electromagnetism 2000 - John Belcher's course explains what is happening in electromagnetic experiments.
  • P10D Electricity & Magnetism - An introductory course on electromagnetism with all lecture notes in HTML.
  • Physics 4B - Electromagnetism - An online course in introductory electromagnetism.
  • Power Lines and Cancer - Questions and answers on the connection between power lines, electrical occupations and cancer; includes discussion of the biophysics of interactions, summaries of the laboratory and human studies, information on standards, and a bibliography.
  • Spectrum Tuner - View the electromagnetic spectrum. Converter utility tool for learning.
  • What is the electron spin? - The web based tutorial on electron properties, electromagnetism, and related topics.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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