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  • Advanced Aero/Hydrodynamics - Course materials from University of Vermont.
  • Antibubbles - An antibubble is a ball of liquid surrounded by a thin film of air. Pictures, documentation and links.
  • Calculations and Equations of Fluid Mechanics - An online fluid dynamics calculator.
  • Cinema Particle Image Velocimetry Investigation of Turbulence and Combustion - High-speed "movies" of time-evolving velocity fields in turbulent and combusting gas flows are obtained using a newly developed kiloherz frame-rate cinema Particle Image Velocimetry system.
  • 2D Fluids Research - Exploring the possibility of using flowing soap films as two dimensional fluids. Click on the "science" menu to find this content.
  • The Effects of Water Hammer And Pulsations - Explanation of water hammer and pulsation inclusive the formula used to calculate the pressure increase.
  • eFluids - A one-stop internet resource for fluid dynamics and flow engineering professionals
  • ePower Propulsion and Combustion - A one-stop resource for professionals working in propulsion, power, and combustion fields.
  • ERCOFTAC - European Research Community on Fluids, Turbulence and Combustion. Portal to Fluid Dynamics database resources. Free registration required.
  • Fluid Dynamics of Bioreactors - This site summarizes the research currently conducted at the Georgia Institute of Technology on the fluidic characterization of bioreactors.
  • Fluid Mechanics - A video self-study course on fluid dynamics by an M.I.T. professor. The course is aimed at the introductory undergraduate and graduate levels with equal emphases on physical insights, theory, applications, experimental behavior.
  • Fluid Mechanics Lecture Notes by M.Subramanian - Lecture notes on Fluid Mechanics by M.Subramanian, Department of Chemical Engineering, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, India.
  • Fluid Power Net International (FPN) - Provides information and links to fluid power (hydraulics & pneumatics).
  • Fluid Salients in Air, Water, and Solids - Site discusses fluid salients as a cause for ocean wave formation, cloud formation and geologic structure formation. Several small physical models of salients are also discussed.
  • History of Fluid Mechanics, Mathematics, and Science - Links to historical information.
  • Investigation into Aerodynamic Flutter Test Systems - An investigation into aerodynamic vibration excitation systems for in-flight flutter testing of general aviation aircraft. Richard R. Western, Melbourne, 1999.
  • Navier Stokes Equations - A brief summary of the Navier-Stokes equations governing fluid dynamics and fluid mechanics.
  • PivNet 2 - An introduction to the European Collaboration on Particle Image Velocimetry. Links to participating partners, information about courses, conferences and literature.
  • Topographical Measurements of Water Waves - A project report in pdf format gives an overview of existing methods for measuring the shape of water waves. Further a repercussionless system for water height measurements at a 3 x 3 matrix is described.
  • Transforming Ellipsodial Into Translatory Motion - A report in pdf format describes how ellipsoidal water wave motion can be transformed into translatory motion to exchange polluted water in an almost closed sea bay.
  • Turbulent Scalar Transport - Heat and mass transfer studies using direct numerical simulations of turbulent channel, Couette, and shear flows as well as experiments with tube banks.
  • University of Colorado Flow Visualization Course - A course in the physics and art of fluid flow for engineering and fine arts photography students at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The student gallery has a wide assortment of images ranging from soap films to clouds.

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