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  • AVL eFAME - The industry's first online meshing and grid generation service for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite element Analysis) applications.
  • Axial Turbomachinery Aerodynamics - Richard Hearsey is a consultant on axial turbomachinery aerodynamics (design and performance prediction/analysis) and associated computer programming.
  • Bojan Lukovic - University of Cincinnati, Aerospace Engineering Department, Gas Turbine Simulation Lab. Interests in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Neural Networks. Research and publications.
  • CFD Books List - Maintained by Wayne Christopher.
  • CFD Modeling - Licensing advanced process models developed at the University of British Columbia; specialising in the areas of pulp and paper, cement, power boilers and petrochemicals.
  • CFD Online - An online center for Computational Fluid Dynamics. Services include a comprehensive link section, a jobs database and a discussion forum. This is the largest CFD site on the net.
  • CFD Review - CFD Review is a news/support/information clearinghouse for the CFD community. It is a place where the CFD community can learn about the latest developments in CFD technology, post questions, and generally help each other out.
  • CFD Source - Computational Fluid Dynamics Portal - Provides a link collection of CFD academic/research institutes, industry, publications, software and events. It also posts CFD reviews, news, jobs and stories.
  • CFDpc - CFD analysis on a PC.
  • CFX - A general code with the ability to model turbulence, multiphase flows, reactive flows and rotating machinery.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics - Brief introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics, exhaustive books list, CFD people and links.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics - Parshant Dhand - This is a website for computational Fluid Dynamics basics and computer programs in FORTRAN.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Literature - Comprehensive list of books on turbulence, heat transfer, grids, numerical methods and other topics.
  • Gianni Lo Iacono's Homepage - Dedicated to Giovanni (Gianni) Lo Iacono. Includes two sections: a personal portrait and a professional profile. The professional profile section provides information about Lo Iacono's activities, with a special interest in his PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamic. It involves concepts like: Large Eddy Simulation, Particle Transport, and Rans.
  • ITSC Fluid Movies Archive 2000 - Fluids movie archive featuring fire simulation, vortex shedding, gravity wave phenomena, material transport, fluid instability, Flow-3D and Isis simulations, all mpeg (.mpg) format.
  • Large Eddy Simulation - This site give a description of recent work on large eddy simulation for the computational simulation of turbulent flows.
  • Large Eddy Simulation of Hydrocyclones - Large Eddy Simulation is employed to simulate the fluid flow in hydrocyclones
  • National Center for Supercomputing Applications - The Computational Fluid Dynamics Group at NCSA focuses on research in the area of Direct and Large Eddy Simulations of complex turbulent flows.
  • The Online Computational Fluid Mixing Book - The purpose of this web page is to provide an online book on Computational Fluid Mixing.
  • PHOENICS - General purpose CFD code for turbulence, multiphase flow and radiation.
  • Qiuhua Liang - Oxford University. Brief introduction to research on computational hydraulics -- numerical simulation of flood waves (Yellow River flooding problem), dam breaks, sediment transport and chaotic advection in shallow flows.
  • STAR-CD - A multi-purpose thermofluids analysis code.
  • TITAN - A general-purpose radiation hydrodynamics code that solves the coupled sets of radiation transfer and fluid dynamics equations on an adaptive mesh in one spatial dimension.

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