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  • Adrien-Marie Legendre - Brief biography and summary of his works.
  • Baez, John - University of California Riverside. Research interests: quantum gravity and n-categories. Regular column on "This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics".
  • Charles Hermite - Includes a biography comparing him with other contemporaries of his, references and quotations.
  • Charles-Francois Sturm - A biography of the Mathematican who worked on differential equations and created the form now call Sturm-Liouville equations.
  • David Feinstein - Applications of mathematics to physics problems drawn from a career in industry.
  • Edmond Laguerre - Includes a brief biography and bibliography.
  • Elie Cartan - A brief biography of Cartan and exposition of his work in applied topology.
  • Elie Cartan - Includes a brief biography and a reference list.
  • George Green - A biography including quotations from his writings and contemporary articles.
  • George Green 1793-1841 - Inventor of Green's functions. Biography, papers, bibliographical references, archival material at University of Nottingham,
  • George Stokes - A short biography on the mathematician who created Stokes's theorem
  • Greg Moore - Rutgers University. Research on string theory and M-theory, with a particular emphasis on the underlying mathematical structures and applications to and from modern mathematics.
  • Gustav Jacobi - The mathematician whose work with coordinate transformations is still common in mathematical physics
  • Hermann Hankel - The mathematician who developed Hankel functions and the Hankel transform.
  • Jacobi and Dirichlet - A biography of these two mathematical physicists.
  • Jean Delambre - The mathematician who analysed the orbit of Uranus and predicted a possible extra planet.
  • Jean Fourier - A short biography on the man who invented the Fourier series and transforms.
  • John F. Shalman - Professor of Theoretical Physics in the New Delhi Institute of Technology. He is interested in a new concept of space-time in physics: his preferred approach is Bumpter Theory.
  • Joseph Liouville - The mathematician who developed Sturm-Liouville differential equations.
  • Khismatullin, Damir - Perturbation methods, nonlinear waves, acoustics, fluid and solid mechanics, multiphase flow.
  • Nelson, Mark - University of Wollongong. Non-linear chemical dynamics.
  • Sophus Lie - A short history of the life and work of Sophus Lie, whose work, Lie groups, has applications in quantum mechanics in relativity.
  • Steven Duplij - Research in mathematical aspects of supersymmetry; also personal interests.
  • Symmetry People - A list of personal web pages related to symmetries and integrability.9087
  • Vicsek, Tamas - Department of Biological Physics. Eötvös Loránd University. Budapest, Hungary. Specializes in statistical physics.
  • Vito Volterra - A short biography on Volterra and his work in differential equations and mathematical physics.
  • Vladimir I. Arnold - Overview of the life and works of the man who has given many topological (and other) contributions to mathematical physics.
  • Vladimir Khasilev - Courant Institute of Mathematical Physics, New York University. Research in mathematical physics, solitons, fractals, theory and applications. Papers downloadable online.
  • Vladyslav Danishevs'kyy - Research: asymptotic methods, composite materials, effective properties, nonlinear vibrations, internal resonances. Papers on-line.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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