Physics Particle/Alternative

  • Discrete Electron Orbits about the Atomic Nucleus - A physical description and derivation for why electrons maintain discrete orbits around the atomic nucleus.
  • Discrete Spacetime - A discrete quantum spacetime model underlying the standard model of particle physics.
  • A Dual-Pole Model of the Photon - Dr. James H.L. Lawler's paper describing a new model for the photon which solves the wave-particle paradox by stating that the photon is a particle consisting of two oppositly charged poles in orbit around each other.
  • Hypothetical particles made from dense space - Here hypothetical dense space particles are discussed in an accessible way, to gain an insight into their possible interactions.
  • Magnetic Ring Theory - States that there is no electric charge. What we experience is the charge like properties of the sub-atomic particle which is a dynamical system of spinning magnetic rings.
  • Metaparticles - Innovative Metaparticle Theory applies impersonal, natural principles of metaphysics to solve mysteries in particle physics and introduce new evidence concerning the origin and structure of electrons, matter, and the cosmos.
  • Mirror Matter - A mirror world is predicted to exist if nature is invariant under parity.
  • Missing mass and dark matter - who needs it? - The author proposes that there is no need for dark matter when one assumes local variations in the vacuum energy density.
  • New Physics 2000 - The nature of atomic particles, atomic nuclei and atoms.
  • Plank's Particles - Series of articles about hypothetical Plank's particles and their relation to vacuum and other particles.
  • A Possible Solution to the Solar Neutrino Problem - A proposed solution to the solar neutrino problem, the EPR paradox, and the unexplained additional space probe deceleration.
  • Quarks in the Picture - A method to visualize quarks as symbols.
  • The Quintessence of Wave-Particle Duality - A new particle physics theory developed in the framework of fluid dynamics.
  • The Superb Formalism Between the Charge, the Mass and the Geometrix - This site presents the idea that the charge, the mass and the geometrix (geometrical position) of one particle behave in formally same way cause they are all punctuations proportional with energy.
  • Theory of the Order of the Forces - A book which investigates the hypothesis that a single fundamental particle with four modes of existence could combine with like particles to form all of the known atomic and subatomic particles and the elementary forces. Author claims to have discovered 38 new particles and 2 new forces.
  • Unitaty Orbital Structure of Elementary Particles - A unitary alternative to the Standard Model of elementary particles using integer electric charge.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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