Physics Particle/Experiments

  • ALEPH - Experiment at LEP collider at CERN.
  • ATLAS - Experiment at LHC collider at CERN.
  • ATLAS - Israel group.
  • BaBar - Experiment at B factory facility at SLAC.
  • Belle - Experiment at KEK, investigates CP violation in the B meson system.
  • CDF - The Collider Detector at Fermilab at Tevatron proton accelerator.
  • CLEO - Collaboration studying production and decay of heavy quarks and leptons produced in the Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR) at Laboratory of Nuclear Studies (LNS).
  • CMS - Compact Muon Spectrometer; an experiment at the LHC collider at CERN.
  • CPLEAR - Boston University page
  • CPLEAR - Experiment studying CP violation in neutral kaon system, at CERN.
  • DELPHI - Experiment at LEP collider at CERN.
  • D-Zero Experiment - Research on the fundamental nature of matter, focusing on precise studies of interactions of protons and antiprotons at the highest available energies. Located at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory's Tevratron Collider.
  • Experiments Online - Comprehensive list of current experiments in particle physics, SPIRES database at SLAC.
  • FINUDA - Fisica Nucleare a Dafne; an experiment whose main focus is the study of Lambda-hypernuclei levels and lifetimes, and their non-mesonic decays.
  • H1 - Experiment at HERA collider at DESY.
  • HERMES Experiment - The HERMES experiment on the HERA accelerator at DESY investigates the quark-gluon structure of matter.
  • High Energy Physics Experiments - List of experiments, organized by site, at HEPIC.
  • IReN - Intense Resonance Neutron Source in Dubna, Russia.
  • Muon to Electron COnversion experiment (MECO) - Experiment at BNL to test muon and electron number violation by searching for muons converting to electrons in the field of a nucleus.
  • OPAL - Experiment at LEP collider at CERN.
  • PiBeta - Pion-Beta Decay Experiment at the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland.
  • SPIRES Experiments - Search database of HEP experiments using various criteria: participant, title, affiliation, number, particle, accelerator, detector, date.
  • WA98 - Large acceptance photon and hadron spectrometer, high energy heavy ion experiment at SPS accelerator at CERN.
  • WA98 - CERN experiment, page at University of Münster.
  • ZEUS - Experiment at HERA collider at DESY.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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