Physics Particle/Software

  • AcerMC Monte Carlo Generator - The AcerMC Monte-Carlo event generator is dedicated for generation of the Standard Model background processes in pp collisions at the LHC.
  • The CalcHEP and CompHEP Projects - Two Tools designed to calculate cross sections in high energy physics.
  • CERN Computing Documentation - Provides CERNLIB documentation. Also provides tutorials, FAQs, newsletters and reference cards for a wide range of software.
  • cfortran.h - Interfacing C/C++ and FORTRAN - cfortran.h is a single header file that allows you to easily use fortran code in c and c++. Very useful for using HBOOK and other CERNLIB code in new c++ applications.
  • Fermitools - The Fermilab Software Tools Program (Fermitools) aims to provide useful tools to the community. A wide range of tools are available, and all are free.
  • FeynArts - Mathematica package for generation and visualization of Feynman diagrams and amplitudes.
  • FeynCalc - Mathematica package for algebraic calculations in elementary particle physics, focusing on Feynman diagram calculations.
  • - Free C++ library for drawing Feynman diagrams. The output is in PostScript, which can be used in TeX or printed directly.
  • Feynmf - Drawing Feynman diagrams with LaTeX and Metafont.
  • FLUKA (Fluktuierende Kaskade) - A stand-alone particle physics Monte-Carlo simulation package. It is being used as a simulation tool in a number of experiments.
  • FreeHEP - Software and information about software which is useful in high energy physics and related fields.
  • HEPpc - Linux resources for high energy physics, includes low traffic mailing list.
  • HERWIG - A Monte Carlo package for simulating hadron emission reactions with interfering gluons. Also contains a list of some "competitor" generators.
  • Monte Carlo Number Scheme - MC particle numbering convention, endorsed by the Particle Data Group.
  • Pandora - A physics event generator for linear collider studies. It includes beamstrahlung, initial state radiation, hadronization, and full treatment of polarization effects.
  • Phi (Phenomenology of Hadronic Interactions) - Extension of the Mathematica packages, FeynCalc and FeynArts.
  • Povama - Persint OpenGL Visualization for ATLAS Muon Analysis. Software used to visualize the reconstruction of muon traces.
  • PYTHIA (and JETSET) - An event generator for a large number of physics processes. The site contains the latest source, the official manual and a short write-up describing PYTHIA's status with respect to the physics.
  • The ROOT System - An object oriented framework for large scale data analysis. ROOT is a C++ replacement of the popular PAW program developed at CERN.
  • Software and Tools - List at HEPIC.
  • StdHep - Provides a common output format for Monte Carlo events so that event generators and other simulators can easily be compared. It also provides a set of routines which convert Herwig, Jetset, Isajet, or QQ events to and from the standard HEP event format.
  • Texsis - TeX Macros for Physicists - This package provides a number of useful features for typesetting research papers. It is an extension to Plain Tex.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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