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  • B. Catania's Work on Quantum Physics vs. Information Theory - Basilio Catania's work (papers & lectures) on Quantum Physics, Information Theory, Cosmology and Bible vs. Modern Science is presented.
  • Bill Hammel's Physics Pages - Spacetime dimension, considerations of finite dimensional variants of standard quantum theory, the nature of space and time, multiple concepts of time, all centered on the fundamental problem of quantum gravity.
  • Bruce Harvey's Alternative Physics Site - He presents a consistent theory which explains the phenomena of Electromagnetism, Newtonian Mechanics, and Gravity (including a classical quantum theory).
  • Caroline Thompson's Physics - Online papers, essays and letters challenging fundamental physics and quantum theory.
  • Cosmology and the creation of Mass - The Big Tube and the String Theory
  • Development of SubQuantum Theory - Author offers to take part in development of new subquantum paradigm!
  • Emission-Absorption-Scattering (EAS) Sub-quantum Physics - A study of stochastic electrodynamics and the assymetrical braking action of bremsstrahlung.
  • Experiment shows gamma-rays are not photons - An experiment using Cd109 gamma-rays violates principles of the photon. Extension of Planck's loading theory is applied to many famous experiments to explain illusion of particles.
  • the Faraday Group - an association of alternative physicists who work together developing deterministic quantum mechanics; we present several models that require testing and professional appraisal
  • Fine Structure Constant, alpha - James G. Gilson's solution to Feynman's conjecture of a relation between alpha, the fine structure constant, and pi. A formula for alpha and some of its consequences.
  • Holistic Quantum Cosmology - A new Quantum Theory which gives a unification of microcosmos with macrocosmos.
  • Light Quantum Field - An introduction to the new achievements in research on light/photon quantum physics and particle physics.
  • Luxon theory - A new theory in which each particle with rest mass (tardyons) consists of particles with light velocity (luxons).
  • My Ride Down Feynman's Drain. - Diary of my failed attempt to solve Feynman's challenge.
  • Quantum Future Physics - Quantum Physics and Metaphysics. Comments, abstracts and papers on Event Enhanced Quantum Theory. Quantum Theory of single systems. Source Aurora/Cassiopaea. Author: Arkadiusz Jadczyk
  • Quantum Mathematics - New theory about the mathematical modelling of space.
  • Quantum Mechanics and Relativity - Alternate viewpoint on the "Double Slit Experiment" which is the experiment that started the moderen QM thought.
  • Quantum Physics Model - A new mathematical expression of quantum physics. Provides a Unified Field Equation, eliminates wave/particle duality, and provides a new system of quantum units.
  • Quantum Theory and Wave/Particle Duality - Repudiates Wave/Particle Duality and provides a new interpretation of Schroedinnger's equations.
  • The Quantum Universe: An Information Systems Perspective - A brief, richly illustrated paper that weaves together recent thinking from several subject matter experts, and produces an interesting new theory about the nature of our perceived universe. Thought provoking material for both physicists and information systems professionals.
  • Randell Mills' Classical Quantum Theory - A theory of classical quantum mechanics (CQM) is derived from first principles that successfully applies physical laws on all scales.
  • The Recombination Principle: Mathematics of Decision and Perception - The proper time proves to be proportional to the sum of probabilities for return to the starting point.
  • Theory of Analytical Space-Time - Theory of everything that unifies relativity and quantum mechanics.
  • The Theory of Cold Quantum(Counter Gravitation Theory) - Existence of cold quantum pressure and hot counter pressure create cold quantum pressure
  • Time and Quantum Measurement - Considering carefully the true nature of Time throws some light on the Quantum Measurement problem.
  • Topics in Quantum Dynamics - In these lectures I will discuss the two kinds of evolution of quantum systems: continuous evolution of closed systems and stochastic evolution of open systems.
  • Treatise on Grava: A New Perspective on Cosmology - Presentation by Ray Cruz. Grava is an antithesis to string theory and proposes a 3D model of strings.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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