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  • - Quantum Theory - Includes a basic introduction to what this theory is, and links to relevant journal and magazine articles.
  • The EPR Paradox and Inequality Principle of Bell - A short article from the USENET Physics FAQ.
  • Eurotechnology Japan: Quantum Device Simulations - Visualization and simulation of electron waves propagating through quantum device structures demonstrating solutions to the time-dependent Schroedinger equation
  • Fermions and Bosons - A set of notes on fermions and bosons, including a review of angular momentum in quantum mechanics.
  • Grains of Mystery - A primer for the non-professional interested in learning about the principles of quantum physics without all the math.
  • Interacting Boson Model, A Free Publication - An Introduction to the Interacting Boson Model of the Atomic Nucleus, by Walter Pfeifer. Electronic publication/book. 35 line figures, 181 pages. 1998. Currently this can be downloaded as a pdf file for free.
  • Intro to Quantum Mechanics - This page is intended to give an ordinary person a brief overview of the importance and wonder of quantum mechanics.
  • An introduction to Quantized Lie Groups and Algebras - We give a selfcontained introduction to the theory of quantum groups according to Drinfeld highlighting the formal aspects as well as the applications to the Yang-Baxter equation and representation theory. Introductions to Hopf algebras, Poisson structures and deformation quantization are also provided.
  • Introduction to the Basics of Dephasing - A qualitative introduction to the process by which quantum-mechanical interference effects get destroyed through the random influences of the environment. Includes Java simulation of a dissipative bath.
  • Parity - An overview of Parity in quantum mechanics and of the ways to break quantum mechanical symmetry.
  • Path Integral Approach to Quantum Mechanics - An intuitive description of Feynman's version of quantum mechanics written in poetic language.
  • Path Integral Methods and Applications - These lectures are intended as an introduction to the technique of path integrals and their applications in physics. The audience is mainly first-year graduate students, and it is assumed that the reader has a good foundation in quantum mechanics.
  • Physics Bookshelf - Quantum Mechanics - A collection of articles explaining basic concepts in quantum mechanics.
  • QMvideos - Article which teaches the basics of quantum mechanics with help of digital videos showing the time evolution of wave packets in various potentials, with interference, tunneling.
  • Quantum and Braided Spin - The modern Kaluza-Klein theories of unification of gauge fields and gravitation, the theories of grand unification and, more recently, superfield, super-string, membrane and conformal field theories have enhanced the role of the geometry of multidimensional spaces in fundamental theoretical physics. An analagous quantum geometry is explored in these online lectures.
  • Quantum and Foundational Physics (A. Zeilinger) - The website of the group around Prof. Zeilinger working at the university of Vienna in the field of Quantum Physics.
  • Quantum Chaos - An essay on the effects Chaos theory would have on traditional quantum mechanics.
  • Quantum Communication - A short introduction titled "Quantum communication moves into the unknown" by David Deutsch and Artur Ekert.
  • Quantum Cryptography - A recent overview of quantum cryptography.
  • Quantum Cryptography in Norway - Application-oriented research at NTNU, Trondheim and Telenor, Oslo
  • Quantum Experiments and the Foundations of Physics - Information about experiments performed in Austria.
  • Quantum Information Dynamics - An overview of work done at Caltech on quantum information dynamics - the study of quantum Information Theory and its application to processes involving the interaction of qubits: the quantum carriers of information
  • Quantum Lynx - A collection of quantum mechanic's related sites, with a few metaphysical sites as well.
  • Quantum Mechanics - A survey of quantum mechanics from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  • Quantum Optics and Foundation of Physics - Pages and Links about Quantum Optics. Created by the group around Anton Zeilinger in Vienna.
  • Quantum Physics - A qualitative description of the key aspects, including Heisenburg's Uncertainty Principle, wave-particle duality and related theories.
  • Quantum Physics Online - A series of Java applets illustrating solutions to basic problems in this subject.
  • Quantum Physics Primer - Describes some basic concepts of quantum physics.
  • The Quantum World - Review and discussion of implications of quantum theory, popular article written by a physicist.
  • Student Understanding of Quantum Mechanics - A set of lectures and reports outlining methods of teaching introductory quantum mechanics to a wide range of students.
  • Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices - A look at Squids, the theory and applications
  • Teaching Symmetry in Introductory Physics - Modern physics is largely defined by fundamental symmetry principles and Noether's Theorem. It requires little more than high school algebra to understand and manipulate these concepts. We prescribe a symmetry module to insert into the curriculum, of a few weeks length.
  • 100th Anniversary Of Quantum Theory - A scientific article about a new approach in quantum theory.
  • Topics in Modern Quantum Optics - This is the written version of lectures presented at the 17th Symposium on Theoretical Physics covering various topics in quantum optics.
  • Virtual Journal Of Quantum Information - This monthly virtual journal contains articles that have appeared in one of the participating source journals and that fall within a number of contemporary topical areas in quantum information.
  • Virtual Partical FAQ - This site answers questions about virtual particles.
  • What is Quantum Physics? - History and explanation of quantum physics / quantum mechanics.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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