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  • Black Holes - A very thorough introduction, studies the Schwarzschild, Reissner-Nordstrom, and Kerr solutions using a variety of coordinate systems. Additional topics include gravitational collapse, horizons, singularities, Carter-Penrose diagrams (aka conformal compactification), Hawking radiation and black hole thermodynamics
  • Bondi K-Calculus - A simple derivation of Einstein's theory of relativity which is widely taught to undergraduate physics students. The mathematics required though make this easy for anyone to understand.
  • Cambridge Relativity - Non-technical descriptions of cosmology, black holes, cosmic strings, inflation, quantum cosmology, and string theory.
  • Cosmology - This page contains information about the course Cosmology and exobiology read in the fall semester 1999 at the Physics Institute of NTNU, Trondheim
  • Falling into a Black Hole (Andrew Hamilton) - Fall into a black hole on a real free fall orbit. All distortions of images are real, both general relativistic from the gravitational bending of light, and special relativistic from the near light speed orbit.
  • A First Look at Relativity and Gravitation - Includes lecture notes and question sheets.
  • General Relativity - This homepage contains lecture notes on the course of general relativity FX2/H97 read in the fall semester 1997 at the Physics Institute of NTNU, Trondheim
  • General Relativity and Cosmology - An online notes from the University of British Columbia featuring simple explanations of cosmological phenomena.
  • General Relativity and Cosmology for Undergraduates - An online draft copy of an undergraduate text book by John Norbury (PDF).
  • General Relativity Tutorial (John Baez) - This is bunch of interconnected web pages that serve as an informal introduction to general relativity. The goal is to demystify general relativity and get across the key ideas without big complicated calculations.
  • General Relativity Tutorials - Detailed steps on how to Linearize Einstein's field equations of general relativity.
  • Geometry Around Black Holes (Michael Cramer Andersen) - A WWW Exhibition in Relativistic Computer Dynamics and Visualization
  • Introduction to Differential Geometry and General Relativity - A course from the Department of Mathematics at Hofstra University on differential geometry and general relativity.
  • Lecture Notes on General Relativity - Download lecture notes on special relativity, general relativity, differential geometry, and spherically symmetric space-times in postscript format.
  • The Light Cone - An Illuminating Introduction to Relativity (by Rob Salgado) - a multimedia introduction to the theory of relativity
  • The Meaning of Einstein's Equations - An introduction to general relativity
  • Modern Physics Course - A second year course introducing special relativity and quantum mechanics. All of the lecture notes are posted online.
  • Modern Relativity - A set of notes outlining general relativity and its applications, including modern theories of FTL travel and wormholes.
  • Reflections on Relativity - Comprehensive presentation of the special and general theories of relativity.
  • Relativity and Cosmology - undergraduate course notes include both special relativity (e.g., spacetime, Lorentz invariance, various "paradoxes") and general relativity (e.g., equivalence principle, black holes, gravitational waves, experimental tests of gtr). Apparently a survey course for non-majors, with little math but some very nice graphics.
  • Relativity Tutorial - An illustrated guide to relativity
  • A Short Course on General Relativity - A graduate level course which includes weak field theory, gravitational waves, radiation damping, cosmology, the Friedmann and Lemaitre dusts, singularities, black holes, the Schwarzschild metric and Kruskal's extension of it. This is a single postscript document.
  • Space, Time, and Cosmology - Website for an online relativity class. Covers special relativity in depth and general relativity at a more qualitative level. Contains tutorial material, references, and links.
  • Spacetime 101 (Patricia Schwarz) - some basic background covering how mathematical models of space and time have evolved since ancient times, from the Pythagorean Rule to Newtonian mechanics, Special Relativity and General Relativity.
  • Special Relativity - A set of online lecture notes for a course in special relativity from the University of Winnepeg.
  • Tensor Calculus and Continuum Mechanics - A free downloadable textbook on introductory tensor analysis and continuum mechanics, in PDF format, from Professor John J. Heinbockel at Old Dominion University.
  • Tensors and Relativity (Peter Dunsby) - A complete online course in tensors and relativity
  • Theory of Relativity - Website for an online relativity class. Covers special relativity in depth and general relativity at a more qualitative level. Contains tutorial material, references, and links.
  • Theory of Relativity Class - Learn about Einstein's Theory of Relativity online. The class covers cosmology, the Twin Paradox, space travel, and black holes.

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