Physics Relativity/Special_Relativity

  • C-Ship - A short overview of special relativity, filled with relativistic ray traced images. Explains relativistic effects using a theoretical spaceship.
  • Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity - A quick guide to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, with reference to the relativity of simultaneity, from the perspective of someoone who doesn't agree with special relativity
  • Emotional exercises for the Special theory - This site explores the Special Theory using an approach that doesn't seem to have been used elsewhere. It doesn't involve mathematics and gives a true sense of the situation.
  • How Stuff Works: Special Relativity - The major principles of special relativity (SR) are discussed in an accessible way, via 5 segments, to help you understand the lingo and theories involved.
  • Is the Special Theory of Relativity Wrong? - There follows a proof that the Special Theory of Relativity may be wrong. This may also have implications for the General Theory.
  • Is Travel Faster Than Light Possible? - From: Scientific American: Ask the Experts: Physics
  • Jim Doyle's Special Relativity Pages - A growing collection of pages on special relativity, including Special Relativity in under 15 Minutes!
  • Minkowski spacetime - Minkowski's spacetime concept explained.[PDF]
  • Numerical hydrodynamics in special relativity - This review is concerned with a discussion of numerical methods for the solution of the equations of special relativistic hydrodynamics
  • Relatively Simple - Special Relativity made Relatively Simple offers information and experiments about special relativity.
  • Relativity and Acceleration. - A fairly non-mathematical treatment of special relativity and its application to acceleration and rotation.
  • Special Relativity - A brief overview of the theory of special relativity, and how it pertains to particles at SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator)
  • Special Relativity - A unit for an online relativity textbook explaining special relativistic mathematical physics.
  • Special Relativity at Colorado University - This site offers a very detailed explanation of special relativity, with emphasis on paradoxes and generally accepted theories.
  • Special Relativity made Simple - A non-mathematical introduction to the concepts of special relativity.
  • Special Theory of Relativity, Physics - Presents scientific papers, commentary and analysis of special relativity physics and philosophy.
  • To Understand Relativity - The fundamentals of Relativity (light speed constancy, time dilation and length contraction) are not mysteries. They can be explained easily, so that everyone can understand Relativity.
  • Twin Paradox - An article explaining how the supposed twin paradox can be easily explained by special relativity.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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