Physics Software/Educational

  • Active Education Ltd. - [Win] Software for teaching the topics of energy, forces and motion. The CDs are suitable for all abilities at KS3 and KS4.
  • Astoria Software - [Win] Simulation of the dynamics and statics of user-designed 3D structures. Includes information and screenshots of the program, and a 30-day download.
  • BearEdu Technologies Science Software - [Browser] Educational software designed for the high school or college student in Physics. The programs use animation to teach the course basics.
  • Circuit Shop - [Win] A simulation program for the study of analog and digital electronics.
  • EasySim Digital Electronic Simulator - [Win] Software for learning the behaviour of digital electronic circuits. Order from the web.
  • Educational Physics Software - [Mac] A range of software created by Yves Pelletier.
  • Equipotential Surfaces and Field Lines - 3D Electrostatics software for colleges and high schools for visualization of equipotential surfaces and field lines of many kinds of charges in addition with topographic and colored views.
  • Eye On Science - A few simple educational programs for children. Traffic Flow Simulator, Snowflake and others.
  • Fable Multimedia Physics Software - [Win - Mac] Educational software resources for High School(AP) and College Physics.
  • High School Physics Software - We created seven physics software modules to learn kinematics, dynamics, optics, and to help prepare students for the Physics AP B exam. The modules include more than 2,000 problems.
  • Intellectum Inc. - [Win] Producers of PhysicaElementa, a collection of interactive teaching and learning tools.
  • Media for Teaching and Learning Physics at Netzmedian Shop - (win) Reviews and distribution of on-line interactive simulations for teaching and learning physics. Includes an online demonstration of "Müller's Physics CD", a multimedia based tutorial for experimental physics.
  • OnScreen Science - [Win-Mac] OnScreen Particle Physics allows students to experience what real particle physics experiments are like.
  • Open Physics 1.1 - [Win] Two-part physics course on two CDs covering mechanics, thermodynamics and molecular physics, mechanical oscillations and waves, electricity and magnetism, optics, and quantum physics. From OpenTeach Group.
  • Ottisoft Software - [Win] Offers'Orbit Xplorer' for exploring orbits of satellites and 'Interference' for exploring interference effects.
  • Physics Academic Software - [DOS-Win] Great choice of various programs for DOS or Windows teaching physics on academic level. Expensive but very professional.
  • Physics Software for Lecture and Study - [Win] Interactive programs for first year college level physics.
  • PhysicsTutor - [Win] Multiple choice tests covering all physics subject areas taught in a first or second-year physics course. Good preparation before real tests and exams for high school and college students.
  • Physisim - [Win] On-line software for high school physics teaching
  • Trajectoryn software - Dr. Hanley’s AeroTrajectory is a user-friendly software package for computing the trajectory of objects with or without aerodynamics forces.
  • Virtual Physics - [Win] Collection of programs teaching physics. Virtual experiments. Simulations of various physical phenomena covering diffraction, dynamics, electrostatics, gravity, Kepler laws, kinematics, Kirchhoff, optics, oscillations, projectiles, thermodynamics, vectors and waves.
  • The VP7 Way Kool Project - [Unix] Free program intended to simulate a laboratory setup, where the user can experiment with radioactive nuclei.
  • Zihua Software, LLC Educational Software - [Win-Mac] Offers two programs: Logic Workshop and Harbor Master.

    What is the electron spin?
    Electron spin is the electron's electromagnetic field angular momentum

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